Case studies

Each itinerary we create is unique. However, we understand that it’s useful and interesting to look through some examples of previous trips that we've planned.

The 35th Anniversary

Dream Escape

Q. How do you surprise your wife and 18 of your closest family & friends? A. As one of our US clients did, by inviting them all on a trip to Scotland where each section of the trip was kept a secret. Dream Escape provided the imagination.

The 35th Wedding Anniversary [PDF - 7Mb]

The Whisky Launch

Dream Escape

Whisky plays an intergral part of life in Scotland. When Johnnie Walker launched the new King George V Edition they asked us to create an experience suitable for such a prestigious brand. The itinerary was based around 'A touch of Royalty'...

KGV [PDF - 6Mb]

A Family Adventure


We were asked to create a family vacation full of education & adventure. So we planned an itinerary that included visits from a costumed historian, fishing lessons, a private castle stay, ice climbing, Scottish dancers & bagpipe lessons!

A Family Experience [PDF - 8Mb]

A Great Incentive

Dream Escape

This successful German company wanted to reward their top 60 sales staff with a four day trip to Scotland. What they required was an itinerary where every day was better than the one before. Organisation and creative planning was vitally important.

Incentive [PDF - 8Mb]

The 60th Celebration

Inverlochy Castle

The weather for this six day trip in the highlands was amazing. Three generations of the same family celebrated a 60th and a 21st Birthday in style - complete with a rare 1947 bottle of whisky and a surprise fireworks display set to classical music.

60th Celebration [PDF - 9Mb]

A Private Vacation

Dream Escape

If you want privacy but don't want to sacrifice comfort - we can help. This itinerary was created for a couple of seasoned travellers who just wanted some time off to relax and unwind on their own. And then have all of their friends to stay for one night...

Private Vacation [PDF - 7Mb]