How to plan a multigenerational vacation

Friday, 03 January 2014

Falconary for Kids

Take your time. Start thinking about your vacation 4-6 months ahead of your desired travel dates. There is nothing worse than feeling pressured by your family to provide an amazing holiday – if you involve us early we’ll take the strain. In turn you’ll be able to enjoy the vacation as well, rather than acting as a tour manager during you precious holiday time. If necessary we’ll include one of our curators as part of the programme to take care of all logistics and any changes you want to make.

It’s always exciting to have a few great experiences to look forward to – this is especially true when travelling with kids. We will help you create a programme with some unexpected surprises and starburst moments for each and every member of the party. Importantly, you set the pace and highlight your likes & dislikes. We then go to work to tailor-make you the perfect itinerary.