How to plan a sporting trip

Friday, 31 January 2014

Dream Escape

A highly experienced guide - this is the difference between a good week’s sport and a great week’s sport. The other elements are more controllable, such as amazing hospitality, accommodation and even flexible timings. However, the key is to have the ear & expertise of the most knowledgeable person.

Our experts are the best in the country. Their knowledge is second to none and they have been working in their field for over 30-40 years each. In short, they are to be relied upon time after time and will offer the best sport available.

One area that not enough time is devoted to is additional experiences for non-hunters or for days where hunting is not available or permitted. This overlooked area is almost always an after-thought rather than a key consideration in the planning process. We will turn a standard hunting trip into an amazing adventure for all members of the party – hunters & non-hunters alike.