How to plan the perfect MICE programme

Wednesday, 01 January 2014

Falconary for Kids

Imagination, creativity and flair - these are the key metrics for any MICE programme delivered by Dream Escape. Accountability, value for money and operational excellence are integral hygiene factors within all our events.

Whether it’s a group of six CEO’s or a full staff of 250, it is imperative to offer something unknown or brand new. Something that breaks new ground and adds a new dimension to the relationship between the group. From varied forms of unusual transportation to passive or very active experiences, we will offer a range of compelling opportunities that will reward, inspire and engage each and every member of the party.

Our event managers are the very best. They are all used to working with high profile and demanding clients to a strict set of service guidelines. So to put your mind at rest we’ll make sure you have more than enough support for the duration of your event.