Private Castle Celebrations

Tuesday, 03 August 2010

Dream Escape

There are 100s of private castles and stately homes available to hire in Scotland. The key of course is choosing the correct venue to use for your special vacation, party or evening celebration – this is where our extensive knowledge becomes invaluable.

We don’t send clients to venues we have not personally visited and thoroughly checked-out. This includes assessing bedroom configurations, quality of catering, level of finish in the property, cleanliness, on-site services etc. This is before we consider suitability for your particular request. In short, we only work with the very best properties that manage to adhere to our specific requirements.

Your stay, however long or short, should be an exciting journey that gets better and better until your departure. We pride ourselves on creating itineraries that run like a fireworks display, getting more impressive as you reach the finale of your stay.