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multigenerational vacations

At Dream Escape we have extensive experience planning the ultimate family vacation. Having our own children, we know just how important it is to take into account the ages and interests of each family member. Whether you decide to travel within Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales - or a combination of one of more of these countries - we can help create the ultimate trip for all age groups.

Dream Escape use a completely flexible approach when creating itineraries taking into account individual preferences and group dynamics. By suggesting separate daily programmes to be run in parallel for different family members we can ensure each person spends their day enjoying a wide range of activities which appeal to them.

Whether we create clan specific routes, educational visits or simply relaxing stays in magnificent castles, we will allow time for you to all reconnect and enjoy much needed time together. We can recommend the most child friendly hotels, the best family suites and the most magical secluded hotels and houses where you can share an unforgettable multi-generational experience and create lasting memories.